Living and working in Sonoma County and Napa Wine Country, commercial product photographer M. J. Wickham
provides crisp, compelling, artistic and affordable wine bottle photos that meet client expectations by capturing a brand’s essence.

The ubiquitous bottle shot is in constant need by successful wineries for their marketing purposes.
M. J. offers the standard knocked out bottle photo for a great price. She usually turns the photos around
in less than a week after photoshopping, so that it's perfect for your online store or to send to your distributors.

Wine bottles, with their highly specular surfaces, require special lighting and post production Photoshop treatment.
M. J. has years of experience handling wine bottle photography in her studio and lighting them to accentuate the label
while maintaining the integrity of the package. She can provide your winery with single knocked out bottle shots,
line ups for special promotions and stylized studio beauty bottle shots with single or multiple bottles.

You can ship your bottles to her Santa Rosa studio with confidence that she will provide you with sharp,
professional wine bottle shots at a reasonable price and in a timely fashion.